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Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO is the nodal agency for providing Launch Services for customer satellites, on-board ISRO’s operational launch vehicles viz., Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV).  The launches of PSLV and GSLV are accomplished from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), located at Sriharikota in southern part of India, near Chennai.

PSLV has three variants, (i) PSLV-Core alone (PSLV-CA) without the solid strap-on motors, (ii) PSLV with six solid strap-on boosters, and (iii) PSLV high-end version (PSLV-XL) with six extended solid strap-on boosters.  The launch capability of PSLV with these configurations vary from 1000-1750 kg into ~ 600 km SSO.

PSLV, with capabilities to perform low inclination LEO, SSO, Geo-synchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) and sub-GTO missions, is a versatile, robust and reliable launcher.  PSLV has so far had 35 successive successful flights.  PSLV, with its several satellite mounting adaptor options, can accommodate a number of satellites in a single launch, making it an ideal launcher for nano, micro, mini and main satellites together.  So far, 74 international customer satellites from 20 countries have been successfully launched onboard PSLV, through commercial arrangements.

GSLV, the 2 tonne class GTO launcher is a three-stage vehicle employing solid, liquid and cryogenic propulsion stages.  In addition to GTO, GSLV has capabilities to perform missions to sub-GTO, SSO, LEO and Molniya orbits.  So far, GSLV has had 8 flights.  The recent GSLV-D5 and GSLV-D6 flights (held during January 2014 and August 2015 respectively), have been with indigenously developed cryogenic upper stage, and were precise in terms of orbital parameters achieved.

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